Anesthesiology salary

Anesthesiology is the study of monitoring drugs on patients that will cause numbness in a whole or part of the body while performing surgery. The term “anesthesia” is derived from the Greek word meaning temporarily blocking pain or sensation. Physicians who are expert in giving anesthesia to patients are called anesthesiologist. Anesthesia is given to patients who undergo surgery and other procedures. The drugs that are administered to the patients cause loss of responsiveness and decreased stress response allowing the patient to undergo surgery without pain or discomfort. There are different types of anesthesia like local anesthesia, regional anesthesia and general anesthesia.

Local anesthesia is given to a specific location of the body thereby causing the numbness only in a particular part. Regional anesthesia is administered to a cluster of nerves which causes numbness to larger part of the body. Two commonly used regional anesthesias are the spinal and epidural anesthesia. General anesthesia is the process of making the patient completely unconscious which is used in major operations. Anesthesia information management system is an electronic device used to monitor the anesthetic drugs on peri -operative patients. Anesthesiologists are peri operative physicians who monitor the patients from the time of surgery to recovery.

Anesthesiology has a good scope and is predicted that the need for anesthesiologist will increase to a great extent in the near future. Physicians choose anesthesiology as their career mainly due to the high reward that this job offers. The salary of an anesthesiologist varies on different factors like the employer, location and specialty. Private organizations pay more than the public ones. The average pay for the anesthesiologist working in a private firm ranges around $230,000 per year. The physicians may also work temporarily and the pay varies from $1200 per day. Anesthesiologists who have a sub specialty are likely to get paid more, for example the physician in a critical care can expect an average of about $200,000 whereas those in pain management can earn around $250,000.

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