Hospitalist salary

Hospitalist salary
The field of medicine that deals with the general medical care of the hospitalized patients is called hospital medicine. Physicians who are expert in hospital medicine are called hospitalists. The term hospitalist was first coined by Robert Wachter and Lee Goldman in the New England Journal of Medicine article in 1996. The physician is involved in treating patients suffering from multiple disorders which have caused side effects due to the drugs. The prime job of the hospitalist is to check if the patient has received all the necessary medication. He checks the case sheet of the patient from time to time, monitors the effects of drugs on the patient and discusses the improvement of the patient with his specialties.
This field of medicine offers good career opportunities and good pay for the physicians. According to a survey, the median salary of these physicians is about $175,000. The salary of a hospitalist depends on various factors like work experience, employer type, hospital size and location. The salary of a hospitalist increases as the number of years of experience increases. For example, a hospitalist with less than one year of experience earns an average salary of about $140,000 where as doctors with more than ten years of experience can expect about $230,000.
The pay of these physicians increased with the size of the hospital; for example, physicians who worked in a 300 bed hospital received the highest average salary of about $205,000 where as the physicians working in a 500 bed hospital received the lowest average salary of about $100,000. Employer type also plays an important role in determining the salary of the employee. Salary provided by the private organizations were high than those provided by the non-profit organizations. Salary of these physicians is also categorized based on the location. Physicians working in Ohio earned the highest average salary of about $200,000 where as doctors in other location did not earn as much as those in that location. Apart form the salary, various benefits like vacation, annual bonus are also provided.

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