Internist salary

Internist salary
Medical specialty that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the internal organs is called internal medicine. Physicians who specialize in this field are known as internist. The term internal medicine is derived from the German word “innere Medizine” meaning the study of patient’s diseases with the laboratory results. It is also a type of veterinary specialty. There are many sub specialties in internal medicine and the physicians become expert in any one of the sub specialty. For example, gastroenterologists specialize in the diseases of the gut. The internist works as a primary care physician and provide consultation and medical advice to the patients.
Unlike a general physician, an internist is specialized in treating diseases of particular organ like the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys. They have long term association with the patient for treatment of the disorders of the particular organ. They keep track of all the medical records of the patients for future use. For example, cancer patients consult the internist regularly for medical treatment and consultation. There is a good scope for the internist. It is expected that the demand for internist will grow drastically in the near future. An internist earns a six figure salary. According to the BLS the annual pay of an internist was $175,000 with an hourly wage of about $85.
The pay differs by experience. According to a survey conducted in October 2009, the internist with one year of experience earned an average of about $130,000 per year. Physicians with four years of experience earned about $150,000 annually and those with nine years of experience earned an average pay of about $170,000 per year. The maximum salary that was offered to the internist with more than fifteen years of experience is about $180,000 per year. The wages differed from state to state. The highest average pay per year was offered in Wisconsin at $200,000 while the lowest was offered in Colorado at $200,000 per year. Rhode island was the highest state with more number of internist.

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