Obgyn salary

Obgyn salary
The field of medicine that deals with the female reproductive organs is called obstetrics and gynecology. These are two surgical specialties that form a single medical specialty and postgraduate training program. It deals with the surgical management of entire clinical pathology involving female reproductive organs both to pregnant and non-pregnant patients. There are many sub specialties in obgyn field; some of them are maternal-fetal medicine which deals with the medical and surgical procedures involved in high-risk pregnancies. Family planning – specialty offers training to patients about contraception and pregnancy termination. Pelvic reconstructive surgery deals with the prolapse of the pelvic organs.

Gynecology has a very good scope all over the world and the need for these physicians is increasing every year. The gynecologists are paid on various factors like educational degree, work experience, training, degree and the location. One who practices both gynecology and obstetrics are paid more as they are trained in both the fields. This is a challenging field in the branch of medicine as the physician has to be very careful and analytical in choosing the treatment procedures while dealing with the pregnant women. The physicians have to work in odd times as the child birth can never be predicted.

One of the main reasons for physicians to choose obgyn as career is for the high range salary. A physician who is only a gynecologist is expected to earn an annual salary of about USD 160,000. Physicians who have more than three years of experience earn about USD 310,000 annually. Doctors with a degree in obgyn can expect USD 210,000 in the first two years of their profession itself. One with more than three years of experience with the same degree earn about USD 260,000. The maximum salary for physicians with mixed profile is about USD 410,000. Location has an influence on the salary of the doctors to a great extent. Salary depends on the number of patients and also on the organization. The private sectors pay is usually higher than the public ones.

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