Pathology salary

Pathology salary
The study and diagnosis of different types of diseases and their cause is called pathology. The word pathology originates from the Greek word pathos meaning suffering or a condition that is pathological. The scientific study of diseases is called general pathology. There are two types of medical pathology; anatomical pathology and clinical pathology. In general a pathologist examines the organs, tissues and body fluids. They check for the disorders of these organs and treat them with drugs. They also perform autopsies. These physicians play a very important role in diagnosing the cause of the disease and their origin. Once the cause of the disease is identified, they are treated and recurrence is prevented.
General pathology or the investigative pathology is the process of understanding mechanisms of injury to the cells and tissues and the body’s means of responding to the injury. A general pathologist is expert in necrosis, inflammation and neoplasia. Anatomical pathology deals with the study of diagnosis of disease based on the gross, immunologic and molecular examination of organs and the whole body. There are many sub specialties in anatomical pathology like the forensic pathology, cytopathology and surgical pathology. Out of these, forensic pathology is the most commonly practiced pathology. It is the study of determining the cause of death by examining the dead body.
This is mostly done during the investigations of criminal law and civil law and in some jurisdictions. This is the most preferred career by most of the physicians because of the work timings and the pay. The forensic pathologist is paid high because of the civil cases. The annual average salary of these physicians ranges between $70,000 and $125,000. The salary range depends on several factors like work experience and the employer. The maximum salary of a pathologist with fifteen years of experience is $200,000 per year. The salary range may also go high in the private organizations. The pay differs from one state to the other depending on the demand for these physicians.

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