Radiologist salary

Radiologist salary
Radiology is the study of imaging technologies. They are used for taking pictures of the internal organs. High end equipments are used for taking images of the internal organs. These images are used for detecting disorders in the particular organ. A physician reads these images and decides further treatment. There are many types of equipment that have been used in taking images. The basic principle behind these machines is they pass rays into the human body and reflects them back as images. The image gives a detailed description about the function of the organ. the organ can be seen while functioning. These images can be read only by a physician or a radiologist.

A radiologist is one who reads images from the imaging equipment. A radiologist works in close association with the physician. A physician prescribes for an image when he doubts if there is a disorder in the particular organ. He report informs the radiologist through writing about the organ to be imaged. The radiologist does the imaging according to the physician and writes a detailed report on the findings. The radiologist does not communicate with the patient directly. The physician goes through the report and decides on the treatment to be given. The radiologist explains the actual procedure to the patient before he begins the procedure so that the patient is comfortable till the procedure.
One has to undergo years of study to become a radiologist. The basic qualification is a bachelor’s degree in medicine. After obtaining the bachelor’s degree, one has to study for about three years in radiology. After successful completion of the course, one can work in any health care centre as a radiologist. He has to spend atleast 2 years as a junior resident surgeon. He has to undergo additional 5 years of training at a radiology hospital to become a specialist. The student can choose to learn any specialization depending on his interest. The primary duty of a radiologist is to take images of the patients using the latest imaging technologies.

Radiologist salary depends on various factors like education, skills, performance, location and organization. Education is the primary constraint to work in any organization. A basic degree in radiology is the primary requirement to work in any organization. The physician should utilize the skills in imaging technology to get good response from the patients and organization for a good pay. Radiologists are paid well because of their extensive schooling. The annual salary ranges from $190,000 for an entry level radiologist. Location plays a very important role in determining the pay, for example, an economically good country pays batter than the others. Salary varies according to organization; private organization pays better than the public ones.

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