Radiology tech jobs

Radiology tech jobs
Radiology technicians are health care professionals who are responsible for performing diagnostic imaging procedures like x-ray, magnetic resonance imaging scans, computed tomography and fluoroscopy. Some of the radiology technician jobs include working closely with the physicians, taking images as suggested by the physicians like x-ray, MRI and CT, producing the films or radiographs, administering non radioactive substance in the patient’s blood stream, diagnosing medical problems, interpreting the films as reports, explaining the procedure to the patient and making them comfortable during the procedure, not disclosing the reports to the patient, exposing only the necessary organ to radiation and developing the images in dark room. Apart from these, the technician possesses excellent communication skills to transfer his opinions to the physicians.

In order to become a radiology technician one has to graduate as a radiology technician from a bonafied institution. There are many sub specialty programs available in many hospitals and colleges which one can choose to learn after completion of the graduate program. There are certificate programs as well as associate degree programs. One year certificate programs are available in hospitals for those who wish to change fields. The courses conducted in hospitals enable one to learn and earn. The general subjects covered in the radiology courses include patient positioning, radiation safety, anatomy, examination techniques, equipment protocols and basic patient care.

One has to be certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists in order to qualify as a radiation technologist. Most of the people choose a career in radiology because of the pay that is offered. The average pay that a technician receives is around $40,000. Technicians specialized in specialty areas receive much higher pay than the normal technicians. The pay also depends on many factors like location, education profile and the gender. The pay varies from one country to the other. The organization also decides the pay of these technicians. Large organizations offer higher pay whereas the small ones offer less pay. Like the physicians, the radiologists are also entitled to a number of allowances.

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  1. angelina
    21. Dec, 2010 at 10:21 pm #

    i am gonna start school this year coming up for radiology tech but i am really scared i think i am not smart enough for this and i really wanna do it i just feel like there is no way iam gonna learn all this

  2. TMK
    28. Mar, 2011 at 7:43 pm #

    I feel the same way…in two years, i hope to enroll into a community college and get my associates degree there…I may not be book smart but im determined beacuse i know this IS what i want as a career. I want it to work out for me. As for others that feel the same way, just try it even though your not smart enough. You may never know unless you try, right? I know i am! :)

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