Residents salary

Residents salary
Residency medicine is a specialty of medicine. A physician who is expert in this field is called resident physician or house officer. To become a resident physician one has to receive a medical degree in MD or DO. The residency program is followed by a fellowship where the physician is trained in a sub-specialty. In the fellowship program the physician learns about basic clinical skills and experience practicing medicine. There are many sub specialties in residency program; some of which are anesthesiology, obstetrics and gynecology, pathology, family medicine, radiation oncology, radiology and pediatrics. These physicians spend most of the time in hospitals treating patients, verifying the charts and monitoring the progress of the diseases to the drugs.

There is a demand for resident physicians in the recent years. Most of the physicians are practicing in the urban areas which has led to a fewer doctors in the rural areas. This specialty provides the physicians with in depth training in a particular sub specialty. Surgical residents are given more importance than the other specialties. They are frequently on call during their period of training as well as on job. A surgical resident has to work a day long from morning to evening. For example, the resident has to start his day by early morning to complete the rounds, performs surgery and attends conference.

The earning of the resident is worth the tight schedule. The physician’s salary varies from one place to the other. The annual average salary for surgical resident’s working in Los Angeles, Chicago and Illinois starts at $80,000 whereas in Georgia and Atlanta they are paid about $85,000 per year. The highest pay is in the New York City with an average of about $100,000. The pay depends on the size of the hospital, number of patients, living cost and the employer. Apart from the salary, there are many benefits that the physicians enjoy. They are provided with sick leave, holidays, bereavement leave, leave of absence, insurance and meals.

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