X ray tech salary

X ray techsalary
A specially trained person who is expert in the using x-ray equipment to take internal pictures of the human body is called an x-ray technician. He helps the doctors to diagnose and treat injuries. The technician works in hospitals, doctor’s office, and dental office and radiology clinics. This profession requires people who have calm demeanor because one has to deal with people of all ages and diseases. The technician should be patient enough to inquire about the pain and uncomfortable conditions in the external parts of the body. Sometimes he has to deal with patients who are not cooperative where he has to assure them that he is there to help them with the problem.

The technician has to remember that he has to keep the clinical findings very confidential to the patients. He interprets the x-ray films and prepares a report to the doctor for further treatment. The job of an x-ray technician is not very easy. The technician has to be exposed to the radiation and has to follow safety procedures like blocking the vulnerable rays with a lead sheet while taking x-rays. The salary of the technician is high as the technician has to handle with the risk in taking images using these powerful rays. The salary of an x-ray technician depends on the employer, location and the experience. The average salary of a technician is about $45,000 per year.

The salary also increases with the education level. The salary varies for different grades of technicians. One who has completed a certificate course is paid less than those who have completed a degree in radiation technology. Salary increases with the number of years of experience. As the experience increases, the salary of the technician also increases. A fresher is expected to earn less than those with ten years of experience. Geographical location also contributes a lot to the salary of the technicians. For example, those working in large cities like New York, California and Texas can expect high pay than the others working in other states.

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